Lakeridgehealth, Oshawa is the largest hospital in Durham Region, just East of Toronto. The hospital is accredited with exemplary note by Accredation Canada.
It is mainly a community hospital, but has strong ties to Queen's University. Some programs use the  hospital as a primary teaching location, others use it as an elective site.
On all floors and for all services, the hospital team pledges to offer you the best deliverable experience, following current guidelines for management and medical care.
When in labour, where do I go?
To the third floor. You can only use the elevators. You cannot use the stairs. Once you are out of the elevators, you can only go in three directions:
1- to your left and turn tight: this is the birthing suite, picture below. This is where you need to go if you are having you baby, or coming in for a check, or even if you are visiting a mom who had a baby recently.
2- to your right: to 3F, Mother and Baby unit. This is where moms and baies will stay a bit longer in the hospital after delivery, the calssic example would be after a C Section. This is where you need to go if you are booked for an NST, or if you are going to the BABIES clinic. (see page: having your baby, in the hospital)
3- to your left and then left: this is the NIN where babies are kept in if they need a bit of more care after delivery (example: if they were born early, etc.
Birthing Suite Lakeridgehealth Oshawa
After Delivery, Mother and Baby