After Delivery

Hearing Test
After you have your baby, and before you go home, you will have your baby checked for hearing.
Karen will come and visit you, with her smile and her fancy gadgets. She will put a small hearing device in the babies ears and check and make sure baby can hear well.
She checks both ear, and makes sure baby is OK. Rarely, baby may have decreased hearing in one or both ears. The most common cause for that is actually fluid and mucus from delivery. You (and your baby) may be asked to come for a repeat test within 2 weeks, enough time to clear the fluids in baby's ear. 
Rarely, and if baby is still not hearing perfect, you may be referred to a Audiologist (a hearing specialist) for more checks. 
Blood Tests
Within the first 24 hours, you will have a nurse or specialist phlebotomist (persons experienced in drawing blood) come and poke the heal of the baby. They will take 5 blood 'drops' on a special sheet that gets sent to public health. They test for 29 rare and treatable metabolic disorders. If baby tests positive for any of them, more steps may be needed to confirm and treat the disorder.
A world old tradition, many parents have questions about Circumcision. Some cultures, like in the Moslem and Jewish population will do it for religious reasons, while other cultures will do it for aesthetic and hyegenic reasons. What it is, basically, is taking off the extra piece of skin off the penis (called prepuce). It can be done at any age, but typically is done within the first days after birth.
Benefits of circumcision include easier cleaning, less infections and apparently has some protective against some infections, like HIV.
If you have a family history of bleeding disorders, especially Hemophylia on the mothers side, you need to discuss this with your doctor and ask if the baby is still OK going ahead with it or not.
There is this point of view that promotes not performing an aesthetic procedure on a baby that did not chose to have it done and did not have a say in the whole story. This can be a very long discussion.
Circumcision is not covered by OHIP. You will have to pay the hospital (by credit card-only) and the physician (cash only) on the day of the procedure. The last I asked, the total was less than CAD 500. Dr Gibson, one of the Urologist, is the physician performing this procedure. He visits the hospital nearly every day.
If you want to circumcise your newborn boy in the hospital (recommended time, better than later) tell your nurse, and she will help you arrange it.
Babies Clinic
Is the clinic set up to help you take care of your baby after delivery. It is set up to help mothers establish breast feeding. You will get the help pf experienced nurses and lactation consultants to make sure you and your baby go smoothly through this transition. 
We know babies tend to turn yellow (become jaundiced). In the old model, mothers (and babies) were kept in the hospital until we checked the jaundice levels and were sure all was well. Now, since most babies are within normal limits, the new concept is to send mom and baby home sooner, and to have you come as an out patient to the Babies Clinic for follow up, as needed. This makes sure you are more comfortable at home sooner.
Birth Certificate
When you have your baby, the hospital staff will automatically fill on information on the Ministry of Health website regarding your delivery.  To get your birth Certificate, you need to fill on some more information yourself. Make sure you fill in the information correctly, as name spelling mismatches may delay your documents.
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