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We believe that you should be well informed about your condition. Here, you will know what to expect when you first come to our office, and what happens after that. Please refer to this website often for more information about your condition. We are still under construction, and new information is added nearly daily. Topics are being continuously updated and reviewed.

On your first visit to our office, you will be asked to fill in a one page info sheet. Please supply us with current contact info. There a few basic questions on your past health issues, and any medications that you may be on. Remember to update your contact info on our system if you move or change a phone number. We need a current provincial health card or similar health insurance coverage. Most of the visit aspects are covered by the health card. Things that are not covered will include medications (from the pharmacy), IUD’s, Pessaries, vaccines, etc. Also, sick leaves, doctors notes and certain forms will be issued at a cost. You will be informed of these in advance. Currently, we only take cash or cheques, we hope to be able to process payment cards soon.

My main hospital privileges are in Lakeridge Health Oshawa. I am also affiliated to Queen’s University. We do get help from nursing staff from the hospital, as well as have residents from the Queen’s University Family Medicine and Obs & Gyne Departments. On other occasions we may have a resident from University of Toronto. These are not students. They are physicians who have finished their medical schools and are sharpening their clinical skills. They are the physicians of the very near future.

When we meet for discussion about your condition, we will go through how this started and how it has changed over time. How much the problem is bothering you and how much it affects your life style may be different from other people.

I will usually inform you about the options that are available for the management of your condition. Some options you may like, others you will not. Again, people are different, and your condition may change over time, so, it is useful to know what all the options may be. Along this website you will find information relevant to your condition, and again, as we offer them in the office/hospital. Do consult the website to refresh your memory of the discussion we have in the office. Do come back for further discussion if you are not sure of one thing or the other, or if you want to check other options than the one you chose before.

Before you leave, make sure you pass by the reception, and book your next appointment. For sure, do visit reception if you have been given some paperwork for lab or x-ray, or we will do a procedure in the hospital. At the reception, you will get a sticker with your name on it to go with the paper in hand, and this has our contact on it, so that the results get send to back to us.

Also, if you had a Pap or biopsy, please hand them over to reception yourself, to make sure that your personal information is put on them.

If you chose surgery, our office will call you with the date and time of your surgery. You need to be there, in the hospital, at least 2 hours before that time, with nothing to eat or drink for the previous 8 hours. If you take medications, you are probably ok taking them on the day of surgery with sip of water. Some medications should be stopped before surgery, so please make sure you inform us of your medications especially warfarin blood thinner. About the week before your surgery, the hospital will call you for a pre-op appointment. This is on the second floor up the escalator and to the left. You will see the signs. We gave you a questionnaire about your medical history. You need to have this filled and take with you to the pre-op appointment. A nurse will go through it with you and makes sure that there are no issues before your surgery. Some blood tests and maybe an EKG will be ordered as well. On other occasions we may ask for an anesthesia consult; we do this if we think that there are issues that we want to clear well in advance of your surgery.

We are located in suite 16, ground floor in the Whitby Mall. The passport office is near by within the mall. There are family physicians in the same building, and some of them are accepting new patients. Just talk to Carrie at our reception if you want help looking for a family physician.

There is also a walk in clinic at the ground floor, as well as a lab, and ultrasound and X-ray facility, a pharmacy, and other health care related professionals.

I hope this helps prepare you for your visit. If there are any issues that were not addressed or you need to talk about, please do not hesitate to talk to me or use the feedback form under ‘contact us’.