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Please read this with frequent questions and answers about delivering in Canada


Before we start, please make sure that you are following the rules when you are applying for a Visa to visit Canada (if you need one). And please do not regard this document here as a solicitation to deliver in Canada. Dr Abdel Hadi, actually, is restricting his practice to fertility treatments now, and plans on stopping talking on pregnancy care by mid 2017, and will stop all deliveries by end of 2017. This is only a trial to help visitors from outside Canada understand the particulars of having a baby here.

As is the case in most Canadian Hospitals, please know that Obstetricians have an On-call group system. One of the member of the group is on call 24 hours a day. If you go to the hospital on a certain day, you will be assessed and delivered (if you are in labour) by the obstetrician on call in the hospital that day. This is different from most countries in the Middle East.

The only exception to that is if you need a C Section for you delivery (e.g. previous C Section) Dr Abdel Hadi will then book you at a time when he will be available to do the surgery.

Here is a classing email we get, and here are our answers.  Patients form outside Canada usually have these questions. See if this page answers your questions as well.

Dear Dr... I have too many questions and I would be very grateful if you can help me with the answers since this will be my first time in Canada:


What tests do I have to do during my pregnancy and when?

For a pregnant mother, these are the standard tests that are requested in Ontario.


ABO & Rh

Urine C&S




Rubella Ab

+/- Varicella

US is done early to confirm pregnancy health (7-9 weeks)

US may be done 11-13 weeks as part of genetic testing protocol

US is booked at 20 weeks for fetal anatomy survey

At 24-28 weeks, we do sugar testing, typically 50 g 1 h CGT.

Other tests will be done as needed

GBS swab is done 35-37 weeks

How long before the delivery will you need me to be there?

Usually we expect you at 30-32 weeks or so.

Are there any procedures I need to do before traveling other than renting the flat?

Getting a visa is the most important thing. Then air travel, a place to stay, arrange funds, etc.

Where do I follow with my doctor during pregnancy? And how often

In the Doctor's clinic,  in an area near the hospital. Usually every 4 weeks early on, then every 2 weeks at 7 months and every week in the 9th month.

What do I do if I think I am in labour, or there is an emergency? Do I call the Doctor?

In the case of any emergency, (bleeding, pain, waters breaking, etc) your best option is to go to the hospital, to the labour and delivery suite.  This is your best option, if you are in labour. Now if you are bleeding heavily, or in case of other emergencies, you may be better off calling 911, and and trained EMS personnel will do the needed first aid treatment until you are transported to the hospital.

Calling your doctor might not be the fastest way of getting help. The physician may be in the OR, or driving for example and not being able to pick up the phone or call you back for a while. If you think it is an emergency, do not waste your time, and get the help you need fast.

How long does it take to issue the baby’s passport?

You need to get a Notice of Birth (the Clerks in the hospital will help you with that. There is a part they do, and you need to complete it online. Then you apply for a passport that usually takes an average of 10 days. The passport office is in the mall where our office is.

What is the name of the hospital?

We work with some Toronto Hospitals. We prefer to keep you local in Toronto as we have found out that travel to smaller communities was difficult fir visitors from outside Canada.

What is the price of the C- section including the hospital expenses?

Budget around 10 thousand dollars (usually less). This is a rough estimate. The hospital will charge you a flat fee per admission day. Physicians will each charge their services separately. So, we recommend you leave a deposit in Dr Hadi's office for the delivering physician (this was actually requested form us by Physicians as they want to make sure they get paid. Also , they do not want to talk about money when dealing with someone in labour).

What is the price of the natural delivery including the hospital expenses?

Budget around 8 thousand dollars (usually less). As above. Also, do not forget that there will be a charge for baby doctor.

What is the average rental price of a 2 bedrooms flat in Toronto

Will give you a couple of locations to check out. In general, very reasonably priced options are available.

When booking a place, most visitors stay downtown. This is OK if you are staying for 2 weeks or so. If you stay 2-3 months, we recommend uptown. A very nice area is within the square bounded by the streets: Yonge and Don Mills and Sheppard and Steeles. Open spaces, walking, malls, restaurants, and not too crowded.

Will I need to rent a car in or is the public transportation available?

No need for car  if you are OK with Taxis andUber-Lyft. Public transit is very good, but you will need to get used to it. Once you know how to use it, you will go everywhere on your own.


A car will make your life easier, for sure. Make sure you have someone else with you who can drive. We do not recommend that you drive yourself to the hospital if you are alone.

Is parking easy in Toronto?

Up town easier than downtown. Multilevel parking garages available. Street parking can be confusing and you have to read the sign well. Parking is not cheap and parking payment is enforced. If you do not pay, you WILL get a ticket.

Do you recommend staying in Toronto

Usually visitors prefer to stay in Toronto (the bigger city) for tourism, shopping, etc. Some visitors have families in Mississauga or Oakville. We do not have connections with the hospitals in these areas.

Many Egyptians and visitors from the Middle East know friends or relatives who live in Mississauga or Oakville. Can I stay there ad come to deliver in Oshawa?

You can. I do not recommend that, though. It is too far away, and in traffic can take a lot of time.

Can I follow pregnancy with you and deliver somewhere else?

Again, yes you can. Again, not recommended. When in labour, and you go to the nearest hospital, the hospital will not have your full information. and if you need follow up, Dr Abdel Hadi cannot do that.

Can you recommend an Obstetrician who delivers in another hospital?

If you are staying with friends and relatives, I prefer if you ask them about names of physicians who they were comfortable with. Be assured that all practicing obstetricians are held to a very high standard, and that all of them are competent and 'good' in the medical knowledge and practice.


** If you have delivered in Oshawa before, or you plan to go there, please contact our office before you book your apartment.**


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